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Why this idea of GREEN GAMES ACADEMY?
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For several years, a few sponsors have made it possible to create the bases of the Green Games, with the production of the first 80 Moocs of the Guardian Angels of the Planet, the SuperCoachs of the GREEN GAMES.

Since I was 8, I've had the chance to experience incredible things and meet great people all over the world to better understand the issues we're going to have to face. I was in a way at the school of life, and I told myself that we had to put all this online and share with young people around the world tools that allow us to act for the planet... This is how the idea of the online academy and a first pilot site of the GREEN GAMES Academy was born, where I spent my childhood and I don't intend to give up on such a good path. DON'T GIVE UP!

Now is the time to put all this online to make tools available that allow young people to be the actors of their future, the real athletes of the planet rewarded for their performance in the service of the common good rather than for sporting exploits -even if the 2 can go together-  Come on, saddle up :-)!!!


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An online academy for thousands of young people around the world, athletes of the planet.

This ambitious and unprecedented project aims to enable young people around the world to be actors in the climate, environment and sustainable development by providing them with the tools and involving them in a series of concrete challenges. The goal is to inspire everyone to become the planet's athletes by providing the necessary resources to become budding Guardian Angels in a fun, recreational and festive setting, but also to reward them by valuing their good deeds within the community. a recognized institution.

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