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An app in development

for the athletes of the planet

The Green Games is an application where young people from all over the world can take concrete action for the climate and sustainable development on the planet while promoting their new skills: creativity, innovation, compassion, cooperation... What we call, Soft Skills... to create their CV of tomorrow. After finding out about a planetary issue thanks to the one-minute educational Mooc presented by a GREEN GAMES Super Coach, one of our 100 Guardian Angels of the Planet, we, the young people, provide a solution and take concrete action. by taking up a Challenge.

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GREEN GAMES         Paris 2024

GREEN GAMES Paris 2024

All Categories
All Categories

#098 MOOC BERTRAND PICCARD, l'esprit pionnier et innovant

#094 MOOC SYLVIA EARLE, l'exploration des océans

#008 MOOC JANE GOODALL, l'intelligence et la sensibilité des animaux

#060 MOOC BINDESHWAR PATHAK, l'hygiène de vie

#028 MOOC TIM FLANNERY, le dérèglement climatique

#074 MOOC ZHENGRONG SHI, la green économie et les marchés innovants

#038 MOOC PIERRE RABHI, l'agro-écologie

#050 MOOC JOLANDA VAN DEN BERGH, le don et la solidarité

#022 MOOC NICOLAS METRO, la reforestation

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